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April 2022


Topology of meters in distribution networks

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The increase in subscribers and the growth of increasingly complex distribution networks forces the electrical utilities to carry out more efficient management of it. Knowing where and how to connect the new smart meters, as well as determining the topology of the existing ones, has become a fundamental task within the billing, metering or fraud departments of distribution electrical utilities.

Many are already the utilities that use GIS systems for the management of their assets, and some already carry out a more intelligent management that allows them to quantify with absolute accuracy the losses in a feeder or area due to fraud or illegal shunt, or to know the unbalance at phase or feeder level, or to make an assessment of the power quality of the supply and find the area of ​​the fault or disturbance etc.

However, this level of management can never be achieved if the topology of the existing meters in LV distribution network is not incorporated into the company’s GIS system.

The new generation of identifiers, ILF G2, which MERYTRONIC has recently launched into the market, is capable to store over the same map (thanks to the GridGIS Connect app developed by ARIADNA Grid) the location, identification and topology of the meters, that is, what Transformer Substation they are connected, what LV panel, outgoing feeder and phase.

These devices have been specially designed for big mapping or digitization campaigns of distribution networks, leading to a reduction in the campaign duration and a cost savings, among other advantages.

Each operator (there may be several working at the same time) participating in the meter topology campaign can determine the connectivity of 40 or 60 tariff meters per day. At the end of the day each operator will have a file in some of the different formats * .CSV, * .JSON, * .KML, * .KMZ, * .SHP, compatible with any GIS system ensuring a quick and easy download of all data in the utility database. This information is very valuable and important.

From here, the sky is the limit, you can start the path towards the intelligent management of distribution networks, taking the most of the new smart meters.


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