Global Low Voltage Monitoring System

A comprehensive solution from Pronutec, Merytronic and Ariadna Grid

Low-voltage electrical networks are changing the way electricity is generated and consumed thanks to these new players: distributed renewable generation, electric vehicles, distributed storage batteries and microgrids or smart meters. They are converting a network that had traditionally been only a consumer into one that will also be a generator.

This transformation can affect the quality of the electrical energy that reaches subscribers. This is why the electricity distribution network will have to be monitored at all times thanks to the introduction of Smart Grid technologies.

Main features and applications


Electrical parameters per line and phase in real time

Alarms per line and phase



Wave quality


Distribution transformer monitoring


Energy balance

Loss / fraud detection

Fault location

Product range


1 | Intelligent fuse switches

We are world leaders in the manufacture, design and distribution of fuse switches.

Our range of fuse switches is very wide and we have options for all sizes from NH00 to NH3.

We can place the sensors both at the top of the switch and at the bottom.

We adapt to the space you have in your BT box.

If you are going to place a new LV distribution panel, we advise you on the best option.

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2 | Advanced Supervision Card

The TSA is a three-phase line meter that calculates RMS values ​​per second. These are some of the variables it calculates:

  • Voltage per phase
  • Current per phase and calculated neutral current
  • Imported/exported active, reactive and apparent power per phase and total
  • Power factor per phase
  • More

(For more information you can download our catalog)

3 | LV Edge Node

Low voltage remote is the heart of the low voltage monitoring system in the transformation center. Its main functions are:

  • Line meter data storage.
  • Communication with the BT software platform.
  • Master of the RS485 bus of the line meters (DLMS-HDLC).
  • DC power supply to line meters via RS485 cable.
  • More

(For more information you can download our catalog)

Advanced analytics SW platform for Low Voltage networks

4 | Ariadna Smart IoT Platform

SW solution for advanced analytics that allows global management of the low voltage network, interacting with ADMS-SCADA, GIS and remote management systems.

Its different functional modules add value to the data collected by the sensors installed in the Seconday Substation:

  • LV alarm Gateway + µSCADA
  • Digital Assets
  • LV Topology
  • Fraud
  • Power Quality

(For more information you can download our catalog)