Gorlan, adapted to a new era

We are an industrial and family business that offers high added value products for the electrical sector. We are committed to vertical integration to be able to make decisions about the activities and processes of design, manufacture and marketing of our products and services.

We are an industrial and family business that offers high added value products for the electrical sector. We are committed to vertical integration to be able to make decisions about the activities and processes of design, manufacture and marketing of our products and services.

37 years History
831 Employees
175 M€ Billing
4005 Clients
5 International Subsidiaries
10 Production centers

Product companies

Design, manufacture and sale

Innovation, the continuous commitment to industry 4.0 and closeness to the client are the main objectives of our companies.



As the switch specialist, we design and manufacture low voltage switchgear solutions. We anticipate our customers’ needs and offer electromechanical products for industrial applications, utilities, railway and green energy sector.




we design, manufacture and market capital goods for low-voltage electrical distribution. Our priority is the search and development of new products in order to offer our customers the solutions and services required by new market trends.



We are high value-added company focussing on the research, development and production of electrical equipment, both fixed and portable, for the supervision, control and maintenance of electric distribution networks.
We also have a highly qualified team of professionals  with great experience in different disciplines. The application of the most advanced technologies and our extensive knowledge of the sector allows us to develop innovative solutions to respond to the current and future needs of electrical distribution.


Tripus is the leading manufacturer of complete switch-plug combinations for the DIY and construction industry. Our product portfolio consists of over 4,500 different solutions. Due to our proximity to the market and short development cycles, we are able to deliver individual solutions at the highest level.



Commercial subsidiaries

International presence

We have commercial subsidiaries in different countries to offer personalized local services: Germany | Poland | India | China

After years of experience on the German market, we were founded in order to be able to serve customers in Germany more individually and directly. In addition to the wide range of fuse strips and fuse switch disconnectors, we also sell all products from the Gorlan Group, such as products from Telergon and Merytronic.


We established in Shanghai in 2013, aiming to provide localized, personalized and efficient services for Chinese customers. Our company is a wholly-owned subsidiary in China of GORLAN TEAM S.L., the world’s leading electrical group, dedicated to providing various products, services and solutions in the fields of industry, energy and infrastructure. At present, the main products sold in China include various types of fuse-type isolating switches and cable branch boxes. China and its significant influence on the world, coupled with the continuous internationalization process of the Gaolan Group, make this new project a reflection of the direction of the Group.


This subsidiary is deeply specialized in the development of rotatory cam switches and AC/DC products. With more than 20 years leading the switchgear assembly in the Indian market, they have their own and independent sales force throughout the country.


The company was founded in 2010, and is currently based in the south-west of Poland in Bierutów. We are constantly working on expanding the offer and increasing the presence of Gorlan Team products in Poland. We specialize in the sale of low voltage switchgear. We provide product availability and technical support for all our customers on the Polish market. In January 2014, Pronutec Polska changed its name to Gorlan Polska Sp. z o.o.


Outsourcing companies

We manufacture according to third party specifications

We produce components for sectors as demanding as the electrical and automotive sectors with our own manufacturing and for others.

Plastic injection

Dedicated since 2003 to the transformation of plastics by injection processes. Production is divided into two plants that control different processes and technologies. At the Plastibor BMC plant, we inject thermosetting polyester parts starting from wet polyester molding masses. At the Plastibor plant, we inject technical thermoplastic parts such as polyamides, polycarbonates…


Located halfway between Vizcaya and Zaragoza, we are the logistics warehouse and the second productive lung for Pronutec. We provide companies in the group with the ability to reduce delivery times, thus being able to respond to market demands. This improves the quality in terms of service for all the companies in the group.


Sustainability report 2022

In this report you will find our activities in the economic, social, and environmental fields.


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