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February 2022


New 800 V AC switchgear for photovoltaic applications

We have completed out photovoltaic solution for AC, including the horizontal fuse switch disconnectorsone pole fuse bases and fuse switches, terminals, Telergon switch disconnectors and SIBA fuses to our 3 pole vertical fuse switches TRIVER+800. That way, we achieve a complete range fully designed for the protection and distribution of electric networks from the new string inverters with rated operational voltage levels of 800 V AC. Its use is mainly for photovoltaic applications.


These are the main advantages:

Design of more competitive photovoltaic plants
Less power losses
By using upper section cables (up to 300 mm2), the voltage drop is reduced
High breaking capacity at these voltage levels

La global solution includes all this range of products for photovoltaic:

Range of LV vertical fuse switches in sizes NH 00/1/3 for 100 mm and 185 mm busbar distance
Wide range of terminals for the fuse switches
Vertical fuse switch disconnectors
Among other products: one pole fuse bases and switches and horizontal design fuse switch disconnectors in sizes NH 00/1/3
SIBA NH fuses with GG and GRL (GS) operation classes. Pronutec recommends these fuses for optimal protection of the new generation of PV String Inverters.
Switch disconnectors high performances range of Telergon for 800 V AC

Get to know our complete solution for photovoltaik here!

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