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March 2022


Check out our range of motorised units for switch disconnectors and changeovers


Designed to meet the strictest safety standards and at all times seeking operational ease, Telergon motorized units (UM) are specially designed to automate the operation of switch-disconnectors, changeover switches and by-pass.

They are manufactured with self-extinguishing materials, providing an excellent level of electrical insulation, low smoke emission and high resistance to electromechanical stress.

The kit concept simplifies both logistics and maintenance, for easy and simple installation. Moreover, our UM for switches and changeovers of higher sizes, has integrated the MODBUS communication protocol, to transmit information through networks between electronic devices.

Benefits of our motorised units:

 It is used as an accessory to our current range. In other words, it has not to replace the product, and the equipment can continue to work in manual mode. In case of maintenance, it can be removed without touching the switch.

 High mechanical and electrical reliability. The UM is lockable by a lock slider, auxiliary handle or lock mode selector (depending on each UM).

 External dimensions fixed to the switch ones.

 Integrated microprocessor voltage monitor. Voltage monitoring during the operation which in case of voltage drop orders to UM to stop the manoeuvre (Vn falls below 25%).

Detention of errors: fuse (blown or no fuse), operating completion or external supply voltage drop during the operation.


Input surge protection.

 The UM which includes MODBUS allows to have the data connected to the network, and to use a program to operate the motorised unit remotely can be used with i


Product range and compatibilities


S5-S6 | 1 – 2 | 200A-400A
S6N | 1 | 6P & 8P | 250A-500A
S5F | 0 | 125A-200A
S5B by-pass | 0-1 | 125A-400A
CCF | 1-2 | 200A-800A

S5 | 3-4-5 | 800A-3150A
S6N | 2 | 6P & 8P | 630A-800A
S5M | 3 – 4 | 6P & 8P | 800A-2000A
S5F | 4-5 | 1600A-3150A
CCF | 2-3 | 500A-1250A
S5B by-pass | 2-3-4 | 500A-2000A


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